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The Train Departs: a New Year’s Festive Event in the Russian Railway Museum

A literature basis for the festive event is a fairytale novel The Blue Arrow by Gianni Rodari.

During the event participating children will become characters of the story and while learning the history of railways will make a real New Year’s miracle

In our Museum, the event participants are collecting the traces of the boy to whom toys from Fairy’s shop has escaped on the Blue Arrow train. Children are searching the traces all over the exhibition. After finding all the traces, solving all puzzles and overcoming all obstacles made by the Fairy (who is also searching her toys and her main train), children will find themselves in a beautiful place — the Children’s Centre where the fairy-tale will end happily and participants will make New Year’s presents by themselves. 

Price: 800 rubles per kid

Adult companion: Entrance ticket to the Museum (300 rub.) + we recommend to attend a guided tour (100 rub.)

No sweet present included but children will make the memorable souvenir by themselves during the workshop!

Duration: 90 minutes

Event Schedule

December 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2018 

at 11 am (for 5-7 years old) 

and at 3 pm (for 8-10 years old).

January 2, 2019 г. at 11 am (for 5-7 years old);

January 3 and 4 

at 11 am (for 5-7 years old) 

and at 3 pm (for 8-10 years old);

January 5 at 3 pm (for 8-10 years old);

January 6, 7, 8 and 9 at 11 am (for 5-7 years old);

January 10, 11 and 12 

at 11 am (for 5-7 years old) 

and at 3 pm (for 8-10 years old);

January 13 at 11 am (for 5-7 years old).

For more information call +7 (812) 457-23-16.