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New Guided Tour-Lecture: St. Petersburg – Moscow Trunk Line

The presentation of the new guided St. Petersburg-Moscow Trunk Line tour-lecture will take place on November 13, 2019, on the anniversary of the opening of the first trunk line in our country.

The museum exhibits a unique rolling stock operated on the trunk line that connected the two largest cities in Russia - St. Petersburg, the capital, and Moscow, the city of merchants.

The St. Petersburg - Moscow railway with a length of 644 km (604 versts) became the first Russian trunk line. It was open to the so-called correct movement (that is, for regular transportation along the entire length of the route) on November 1 (13 Gregorian style), 1851. The railway had been built for almost nine years and it is considered to be a technical and architectural masterpiece of its time. The railway was of great social importance for the whole society as all social classes were able to use it.

During an excursion and a lecture with a presentation, you will find out what the project of the first railway originally was and see how the rolling stock of the road was improved, how much money was spent on its construction, how the high-speed movement was developing, and how much time first trains spent on their route. These and many other historical facts related to the St. Petersburg-Moscow railway will be shared with you on excursions and lectures.

We invite everyone to visit a new tour!

The duration of the event is 1 hour. Date: November 13. Start at 6 pm.