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Young Train Drivers School game tour

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Young Train Drivers School game tour

First part of the program is a game tour which allows participants to get in touch with Locomotive Driver profession.

Children will follow the evolution f the profession during the 180 years of Russian railways, complete tasks in the Museum exhibition, check their teamwork, earn reward points and get chance to “ride” in the diesel locomotive cockpit at the ТЭП-70БС locomotive driver training simulator. 

In the second part all participants attend the Children’s Centre of the Museum there they will where they will consolidate the knowledge gained during the tour, and also play with the special Locomotive Driver museum module.

The program is aimed for children aged from 9 to 13.
120 minutes
11,000 rubles
From 12 to 30 children can participate in the game. Two adult companions may attend a game for free.

Call for pre-booking:+7 (812) 457-23-16