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About the museum

Our museum complex is Russia’s main railway museum and is among the world’s largest railway museums. We opened on October 30, 2017.


The museum complex is spread over a vast area. It has two buildings — an old locomotive depot building and an eye-catching modern building. The buildings are connected with a suspension bridge to make a single structure.

Museum tours include visiting a collection of rare and legendary steam trains, locomotives, electric locomotives, railcars and other rolling stock.

Historical artifacts rub shoulders with current operating models, interactive installations and temporary exhibition halls, building an unusual and engaging museum space.

Our museum provides a perfect ground for modern-day educational programs, children’s activities, lectures and theme-based video screening.

We hope that our museum will become a venue where adults and children alike will gain a lot of knowledge about the history of railways and rail transport, railway jobs, modern and outdated technologies, and, at the same time, we trust the museum will become an inviting amusement park and a favorite attraction for the whole family.

Figures and facts

Our mission

  • preserving and studying the history of the railways
  • storing, restoration and exhibiting a unique collection of rolling stock
  • keeping alive the memory of railroad workers’ contribution to the development of Russia
  • instilling a sense of patriotism and respect for railroad men’s work
  • being Russia’s largest information and education center on the subject of modern-day transportation technology
  • providing a modern comfortable area for recreation and entertainment for children and adults
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