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Visiting rules

General rules

To enter the museum visitor must purchase a ticket (an electronic voucher) via the museum official website. Museum visit séances are performed each 15 minutes. Exact time of visit is indicated on the ticket.

To ensure visitors’ safety, museum guards have a right to: check for individual protective mask and gloves and in case of refusal to wear them to refuse entry to the museum; to demand for individual temperature measurement in case of clear signs of respiratory illness and to refuse entry for persons with temperature 37.0 C and above.

Visitors should keep social distance of 1.5 meters at the museum premises.

Guided tours are performed by staff guides and museum workers only. Guided groups are limited up to 5 persons.

Photo and video

Photo and videoshooting using non-professional equipment is allowed on the museum premises.

Photo or videoshooting using professional equipment requires prior approval by the museum authorities.

The following is prohibited on the museum premises:

  • smoking,
  • animals, except for guide dogs,
  • fire arms, gas weapons, pneumatic weapons, cold and other types of weapons, including explosive devices, fireworks and pepper sprays, highly flammable, explosive and toxic substances,
  • bicycles, scooters, roller skates and other transport and sports gear.