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Plain version
Museum schedule


300 rubles
Regular ticket

Adults and foreign citizens.

100 rubles
Special rate ticket

Schoolchildren, fulltime students and senior citizens.

Free admission on International Museum Day, May 18
Photo- and videoshooting


5,000 rubles

Professional, including wedding photography, by prior agreement

Guided tours
No reservation required

Mixed tours started on  Friday - Tuesday every hour from 11 am to 4 pm.

On Wednesday tours start every hour from 11 am to 7 pm.

Group up to 20 people. 100 rubles per participant.

Upon prior request

For organized visitors up to 20 people.

Full price 3,000 rubles
Special price 2,000 rubles
Schoolchildren, students and senior citizens are entitled to special rate.

Locomotive driver simulator

5-minute training session on the Locomotive driver simulator – 150 roubles.

Navigating the museum

Free entrance for:

  • Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, Heroes of Socialist Labour;
  • Full Cavaliers of Orders of Glory and Labour Glory;
  • Participants of the Great Patriotic war;
  • Persons honored with medals For Defense of Lenigrad and Resident of Blockaded Leningrad;
  • Former underage prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos, and other custody places established by fascists and their allies during Second World War;
  • Visitors honored with Honored Railwayman and Honored Worker of the October Railway ranks;
  • Disabled persons of I and II groups;
  • Disabled persons in wheelchairs;
  • Companions of disabled visitors;
  • Companions of organized groups (not more than 2 persons);
  • Veterans of military conflicts;
  • persons impacted by the radiation during Chernobyl plant disaster and Semipalatinsk nuclear weapon tests and persons with equal status;
  • Multi-child family (3 children and more);
  • Army conscripts;
  • Junior railwaymen from the October Juniors Railway;
  • Children from orphanages and boarding schools;
  • Workers of the museums of Russian Federation;
  • Children of 7 and downward.
The privilege is granted upon presentation of the relevant documents.