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Plain version


300 rubles
Regular ticket

Adults and foreign citizens.

100 rubles
Special rate ticket

Schoolchildren, fulltime students and senior citizens.

400 rubles
200 rubles
Photo- and videoshooting


5,000 rubles

Professional, including wedding photography, by prior agreement

Guided tours
Tours in a mixed groups

Every hour from 11-00 in a group of up to 5 people.

Buy tickets at the ticket office of the museum

Full price 200 rubles
Special price 100 rubles
100 rubles per participant

Upon prior request

For organized visitors up to 5 people.

Full price 3,000 rubles
Special price 2,000 rubles

Navigating the museum

Free entrance for:

  • Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, Heroes of Socialist Labour;
  • Full Cavaliers of Orders of Glory and Labour Glory;
  • Participants of the Great Patriotic war;
  • Persons honored with medals For Defense of Lenigrad and Resident of Blockaded Leningrad;
  • Former underage prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos, and other custody places established by fascists and their allies during Second World War;
  • Visitors honored with Honored Railwayman and Honored Worker of the October Railway ranks;
  • Disabled persons of I and II groups;
  • Disabled persons in wheelchairs;
  • Companions of disabled visitors;
  • Companions of organized groups (not more than 2 persons);
The privilege is granted upon presentation of the relevant documents.