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The Russian Railway Museum and RZD Tour Company Launched Co-operative Route

First trip along the route will start on December 16, 2018. 

The Revived Steam Engine trip starts with visit of the largest Russian Railway Museum. Each of the 118 exhibits, including various steam locomotives, is connected with many interesting facts from the Russian history, different stages of steam engines design development and Russian railway transportation. These facts are told to travelers by professional guides during the tour over Museum. 

After acquaintance with rail «plodders» of the past, tourists arrive at the Baltiysky railway terminal, where revived puffing and whistling steam engine waits for them. Iron giant gets tourist to Gatchina. This St. Petersburg suburb is famous with not only its luxurious palaces. Here, at Gatchina’s Silver lake, the trial of the first serial submarine in the world was performed and the first Russian airdrome was created. Tourists will see the 1:1 scale monument of the first submarine and the model of the flying Farman airplane. 

The RZD Tour company regularly updates its range of steam engine routes with new programs oriented at history of Russian steam locomotives design and railways that have literature, historical, cultural and educational dimensions. Besides, the company permanently presents new event trips by steam engines and simply by rail. These trips are source of new knowledge, emotions and vivid impressions. 

Website: www.rzdtour.com; Phone: +7 (812)602-96-16; e-mail: spb@rzdtour.com.