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A Voyage with Dostoevsky Exhibition

Duration: from December 19, 2018 to February 17, 2019

A Voyage with Dostoevsky exhibition is dedicated to European routes of the writer and his heroes. The exhibition represents the world through the sight of Dostoevsky, his aesthetic tastes, his attitude to different towns and cities. The exhibition is placed in a car from the beginning of XX century and consists of lithographs and photos from XIX century presented in digital form and accompanied with multimedia program.

In 1837, the year the first railway in Russia opened, 15-years old Fyodor Dostoevsky moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The railway between two cities had not been built at the period and they travelled in a coach. He started to actively use railway (often called «iron road» in the XIX century) in 1860s after his return from Siberia: there were frequent travels to Pavlovsk and Moscow. His first real voyage Dostoevsky made in 1862. He wanted to see «the land of holy miracles», as many called Europe, to visit towns and cities known from literature, to observe world culture masterpieces and to understand what European revolutions changed in social structure of life.

Dostoevsky prepared thoroughly for the trip. He had bought then popular Reinhardt traveler’s companion, had developed the route and thus visited about 25 European towns and cities in just a 2.5 months. Among other, he used railway transport as well.

Dostoevsky’s heroes also often use railway. One of them even «glued the whole railway train with public leaving the station with cases, sacks, children and dogs and entering cars. Conductors and servicemen walked along , the bell was ringing and the train began to move».

The exhibition is opened during the Museum work hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 6 pm

Entrance for visitors ends at 5 pm.