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More than 130 thousand visitors have already seen video tours by the Russian Railway Museum

The Russian Railway Museum developed and produced a number of video tours that anyone can watch from home.

Educational videos with duration of about 10 minutes are based on large general and thematic tours of the museum and tell about different exhibits from the eldest steam locomotives to interactive models and, of course, about the history of railway development. More than 130 thousand subscribers and guests of our museum in social media attended our virtual tours.

All videos could be found with a free access at our museum community in the VKontakte social network.

Join us and watch out for announcements!

And the most important thing is wash your hands, to avoid crowded places and not to leave your home if possible.

Video tours list:

History of the Russian Railway Museum creation

Live: The Russian Railway Museum

The Russian Railway Museum Children’s Centre

“Soft” steam locomotive and Tank

History of rails. How a railway came into existence

Steam engine

First railway of our Motherland (Tsarskoe Selo Railway)

From the Russian Railway Museum to the City of Good Deeds (for kids)

Railway uniform. Railway haute couture

From the Nicolas I car to the Museum exhibit

Ministry of Communications and its Minister  prince Khilkov

Railway fashion reforms from classic to modern

Theatricalism of the turning platform

All cargoes are  important, all cargoes are needed (for kids)