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"The Russian Railway Museum Digital platform" – introducing an innovative application

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On the eve of the 185th anniversary of the railways of our country and the 5th anniversary of the Russian Railway Museum, JSC "Russian Railways" presents the application "The Russian Railway Museum digital platform".

The mobile application has two modes of use: "In the museum" and "Outside the museum". Depending on where the user is located, an up-to-date set of functions is offered.

The app will provide visitors to the museum with navigation inside the buildings: it will help determine the location, build a route to the desired exhibit. To do this, it uses innovative computer vision technologies in combination with Bluetooth beacons installed throughout the museum. Excursions with multi-format content are available to guests. Entertaining and informative quizzes will help to consolidate knowledge. Each exhibit has a card with detailed information — historical information, technical specifications, documents, photographs. And the "points of interest" that are marked on the exhibits will help to find out the facts about individual details. Those who are outside the museum will be able to become virtual visitors. From anywhere in the world, you can view a fully digitized museum in 360° format, read annotations, study archives, listen to excursions.

Exhibits — 50 units of rolling stock — were scanned in 3D format. The user can project a virtual model on any flat surface. The model can be rotated, scaled, viewed from all sides and take AR photos with it. The resulting photos can be published on social networks directly from the application.

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For the application to work correctly, the smartphone must meet certain parameters: support for augmented reality (ARKit, ARCore); minimum OS version: iOS 15, Android 10, RAM 4 GB or more.

A full-format desktop version of the application "Digital Platform of the Museum of Railways of Russia" has also been developed. It can be installed on a personal computer and laptop.

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