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The Russian Railway Museum Director V. A. Odintsov Gave an Interview to the Internet-Portal Best in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir, the museum impresses and delights in its scale - it is a real railway country. I ask you to talk a little bit about it.

V.A.: Russian railway museum was opened on October 30, 2017 in honor of the 180th anniversary of the national railways. The new museum located in St. Petersburg has become the country's largest multi-functional rail museum complex. The total exposure of our museum area exceeds 56 thousand square meters on which there are nearly 4,000 exhibits.

Museum visitors are showing considerable interest in the unique collection of railway equipment presented here. Many of the exhibits are the only one of its kind - carefully restored and preserved by experts. A modern museum technology and interactive areas make a visit to the complex for the citizens of all ages a real journey into the history of railway transport.

Full text at link: http://bestspb.ru/ru/intervew-muzey-zheleznyh-doro...