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The Museum is closed until August 31 due to the holding of the International Railway Salon space 1520 "PRO//Movement.Expo"

From August 24 to 27, 2023, the Russian railway museum will host the largest in Eastern Europe and CIS countries International Railway Salon space 1520 "PRO//Movement.Expo".

In connection with the preparation and holding of this large-scale event, the working hours of the Russian railway museum have been changed.

August 17 — 31 The museum is closed

August 26 — 27 "Days of open roads" within the framework of the International Railway Salon "PRO//Movement.Expo" for everyone. The visit is carried out with tickets for "PRO//Movement.Expo". Tickets will be on sale after August 6, 2023.

Since September 1, the museum has been operating in a limited mode: both buildings are available, access to the outdoor exhibition is limited. There is a preferential cost of attendance. Weekdays: full ticket — 200 rubles, discounted — 50 rubles. Weekends and holidays: full ticket — 300 rubles, discounted — 150 rubles.

International Railway Salon space 1520 "PRO//Movement.Expo" is a unique display of equipment and technologies in the "broad" gauge space and the only one in Europe that is of strategic importance in the development of our country's industry and strengthening international relations. In 2023, EXPO 1520 will be held for the first time in St. Petersburg at the Russian railway museum.

Detailed information is available on the event's website www.railwayexpo.ru .