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​Russian railway museum signed the Cooperation Agreement with the “City of Trains” museum (Mulhouse, France)

On the June, 15 Russian railway museum signed the cooperation agreement with the “City of Trains museum” (Mulhouse, France).

Ceremonia was held online. Deputy General Director of the SCO "RZD" Vyacheslav Pavlovski, Directorof the Russian Railway museum Vladimir Odintsov, President of the SNCF International, Director of the International management of the Group SNCF Diego Diaz, President of the “City of Trains” museum Christophe Chartrain took part.

The Russian Railway Museum cooperates with railway museums all around the world. Our partners: The National Railway Museum in York (Great Britain), the Finnish Railway Museum (Hyvinkya), DB Museum (Germany), Kyoto Railway museum (Japan).

The museum is a full member of the International Association of Transport and Communication Museums( IATM), the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the Union of Museums of Russia.