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Russian Railway Museum summed up the results of the "people's" vote for the best project of the monument to Mikhail Khilkov

The open voting lasted on social networks from February, 4 to February, 21, 2022, the draft designs could be seen in the Museum. The winners of the "popular" vote were projects No. 2 (1129 votes) by sculptor A.M. Taratynov, No. 1 (367 votes) by sculptor M. V. Dronov, No. 12 (325 votes) by sculptor P. P. Ignatiev. Now the expert jury has started choosing the project to be implemented. The installation of the monument will be the first stage of the improvement of the space between the Russian Railway Museum and the Baltic Railway Station.

"The first stage of the competitive selection is over – more than 3 thousand people took part in the "people's" vote. The presented projects aroused great interest – subscribers left more than 200 comments. The expert jury has now started its work. The opening of the monument to the Minister of Railways of the Russian Empire, Prince Mikhail Ivanovich Khilkov, is scheduled for this autumn and will be timed to coincide with the 5th anniversary of our Museum and the 185th anniversary of the Railways of Russia," said Vladimir Odintsov, Director of the Russian Railway Museum.

Prince Mikhail Ivanovich Khilkov became Minister of Railways in early 1895. During the ten years of his leadership, the length of the country's transport network has doubled. It was under him that all the main lines of the Great Siberian Way were put into operation.