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The Russian Railway Museum will take part in the Science Fest Festival

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The Russian Railway Museum will be one of the premises of the annual scientific festival Science Fest that will take place on August 17 and 18 in St. Petersburg

During the festival scientists, artists and leading specialist in robotechnics, artificial intellect, fashion-tech and industrial design will share current scientific knowledge and perform special events.

The Russian Railway Museum will host several installations.

Defragmentation audiovisual installation. Project and sound effects were created by Stanislav Glazov, German media artist of Russian descent. The installation is dedicated to the understanding of the world through the digital technologies theme.

Ökosystem installation created by Tonoptik group is an artistic interpretation of the all-searching eye  prototype. Data of the foreign space agency is used as means of expressions. The information, that have been collected from satellites during several years and includes data various on oceans, atmosphere and the Earth’s surface, is a basis for visual and acoustic part of the work.

More info on the festival you can find at the organizer’s website: https://www.science-fest.ru/