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The Russian Railway Museum resumes access to VR-interactive

From February 25, 2022, visitors' access to VR-interactivity will be resumed. The Russian Railway Museum has two virtual reality zones: a VR journey on the imperial train and a VR quest. Sessions for both interactive sessions are free, but you need to register for them in advance.

Guests of the Museum can make a VR trip in a Class IV carriage located near the "Arrows of Time" installation. As part of the VR trip, you can "visit" the only preserved imperial train that ran between St. Petersburg and Helsinki, and view the interior full of wood and silk, decorated especially for the Romanov family by the best Finnish craftsmen. This train is kept in the railway museum in Finland. And you can go through an exciting VR quest – to find objects lost inside the ancient cars of the imperial train in the new block of the Museum, next to the turning circle.

"The course of active interaction of visitors with exhibits is a modern museum trend, which we actively support. Interactive technologies allow you not only to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era, but also to examine in detail an exhibit that is located in another country," says Vladimir Odintsov, director of the The Russian Railway Museum.

VR interactivity is available to visitors over 14 years old. The session starts exactly at the stated time. If visitors are late, they are not allowed to attend the session, and registration is automatically canceled. You need to book a session on the Timepad website:

VR-journey on the imperial train in a Class IV carriage

VR-quest on the Imperial train

To enter the Museum, you must present a QR code; a certificate of health. withdrawal from vaccination with a negative PCR test or a medical certificate of the presence of antibodies (immunoglobulins G) to the causative agent of coronavirus infection. An identity document is also required.