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The Russian Railway Museum Welcomed its 500,000 Visitor

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The Russian Railway Museum welcomed its 500,000 visitor since the opening of the complex on August 30, 2019.

An unexpected surprise was made for Anna Volkova and her 3 years old son Misha , who arrived from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg to visit Misha’s granny. Misha, his mum Anna and his granny Marina got warm wishes and memorable souvenirs. They also attended an individual guided tour.

The largest railway museum complex in the country with total area of more than 57 square meters was opened on October 30, 2017, the day of 180th anniversary of Russian railways.

Since opening of the Museum its staff performed more than 4700 excursions for wide range of visitors, including city colleges and universities students and children from orphanages.

The Museum complex is developing constantly; its premises are upgraded regularly and completed with new exhibits and multimedia systems. There are regular temporary exhibitions in the Museum exhibition hall.