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Two Years of the Russian Railway Museum

/ 11

On October 30, the Birthday of Russian railways, the Russian Railway Museum - the largest technical museum of the city, of the country and of Europe- celebrated its own second birthday.

Young visitors took part in a museum adventure dedicated to the date. 85.5 thousand kilometers of Russian steel trunks united under the roof of the Russian Railway Museum that day. The Director of the railway museum Vladimir Odintsov greeted kids participating in the Roads of Victory Program and wished them all the good in the upcoming event.

With a specially organized game program kids had an opportunity to “travel” over 16 main railway routes of Russia. Young travelers visited Kaliningrad and Vladivostok, northern Yamal peninsula and the coast of the Black Sea. Schoolchildren from St. Petersburg learned about the culture of the peoples of Russia and took part in exciting contests, quests and workshops. Musical surprises and memorable souvenirs were prepared for kids. In the end of the travel all participants of the event were united by a merry flash mob. Kids received balloons and souvenirs in memory of the show.