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Congratulations on Company Day!

Dear railway workers, colleagues and veterans of the industry!

We heartily congratulate you on the 15th anniversary of JSCo Russian Railways!

Today JSCo RZD is oriented at market and performs colossal volumes of passenger and freight traffic. The Company introduces technologies that change dramatically habitual course of nature: electronic services in freight and passenger operations, unattended operations, high-speed trains, renewed comfortable terminals.

On this festive day we wish to say special thanks to the veterans. Thank you for your professional work! The experience gained with your help is combined into a unique scientific base, which allows to solve the most urgent problems the railway industry faced with.

The Russian Railway Museum keeps railway traditions. The exhibition of our Museum allows to follow the history of railway connections development from Tsarskoe Selo railway to nowadays and allows to think on how will advanced technologies change the Russian steel trunks in the future.

Happy Company Day, dear colleagues!