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​Meeting with yachtswoman Irina Gracheva and the Irina Gracheva Racing project team at the Russian Railway Museum

On February 5, 2020 meeting with Russian yachtswoman Irina Gracheva, world record holder in the speed of crossing the Atlantic on a yacht with two members of the crew from Bermudas to Plymouth, participant of the Mini-Transat 2019 regatta on solo crossing of the Atlantic on a Mini class yacht with length up to 6.5 meters, and the Irina Gracheva Racing project team will be held at the Russian Railway Museum.

Irina Gracheva had been sharing all that had happened during her way to Mini-Transat race for two years. She had been writing articles, making photos and videos, telling about race and its heroes of past years as well as about peculiarities of solo sailing sport. Though she could not finish the race due to an incident, it gave her, in her own words, a unique experience.

This and many other exciting moments of her solo sailing yachtswoman will tell during the My Mini-Transat or Wreck of the Mast in the Middle of the Atlantic meeting. She will also answer questions from the event participants.

There will be a presentation of the video with the wreck of the mast in the middle of the Atlantic episode.

To participate in the meeting, please register at https://irinagrachevaracing.timepad.ru/event/1242007/

Event start at 7 pm, pre-registration is needed.

Address: The Russian Railway Museum Conference Hall, 4-2 Bibliotechny per. Saint-Petersburg, Russia