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The exhibition "Tsar's Fun" at the Russian Railway Museum has resumed work

The temporary exhibition "Tsar's Fun" at the Russian Railway Museum resumed work after the re-exhibition.

The exhibition was supplemented by two new exhibits: an officer's uniform of the Life Guards of the Horse Grenadier Regiment (1832-1855) from the collection of the Tsarskoe Selo State Museum and Heritage Site and a portrait of Nicholas I by Franz Kruger (circa 1852) from the State museum Pavlovsk.

The project dedicated to the 185th anniversary of the railways of Russia addresses the disputes and vicissitudes, fears and hopes that accompanied the construction of the first passenger railway in Russia. The railway line between St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo was considered "royal fun", but thanks to the firm will of Emperor Nicholas I, these 26 kilometers marked the beginning of the railway network of modern Russia.

The exhibition brings together archival documents, rare book editions, historical maps, paintings and engravings, costumes and models of steam locomotives from museum collections, libraries and state archives. Multimedia installations complement the story of the creation of the country's first passenger railway.

The temporary exhibition will continue to work until June 30, 2023.