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The Steel Way of Alexander Blok Exhibition in the Russian Railway Museum

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What famous Russian poet from the beginning of XX century has in common with railway? Why he considered waiting for a train as a metaphor of waiting for happiness? Why his life resembled one-way journey by rails?

To answer all these questions pay a visit to the Russian Railway Museum. The Steel Way of Alexander Blok exhibition with its 40 rail sleepers, symbolizing 40 years of great poet’s life, is a unique space based on archive artifacts and images, connected with railway influence on Blok’s life. 

Childhood, origins of poetry, way to fame, search of an ideal, revolutionary life, travels abroad, war… Each of these stages makes you feel his fatal le journey. Its culmination is his last railway ticket to Moscow.

As part of the exhibition work, there are authorial excursions. One of the exhibition authors, Olga Markaryan, a literary director of the Days of Alexander Blok in St. Petersburg festival, historian of theatre and literature, laureate of all-Russia youth art scientists competition will tell about concept and history of the exhibition project as well as about life and legacy of the great poet of the Russian Silver Age on June 26, 2019.

 Excursion will start at 7 pm. Places are limited, so please pre-order via phone: +7 (812) 457-21-37

The exhibition will be opened till August 28, 2019.