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Plain version
Complete Quest cards

If you prefer to examine exhibition by your own, like to brainstorm yourself and surprise the others with the most unexpected knowledge this service was designed just for you.

Things to do

After finishing of all eight quest cards, you will learn what food was served at the railway, which fiction crimes were committed on the rails, what speed records are and how men created first “iron horse”.

Quests will be interesting for those, who already visited a guided tour as well as for those, who want to make an acquaintance with railway theme by themselves. 

Participants’ age: family and adults, 7+
1 hour
100 rubles
+ Entrance ticket

How to play?

  • Visitors buy a quest card in the Museum. In addition, quest list is provided.
  • Participants visit historical halls, walk around the exhibition and learn some curious facts.
  • The quest cards tasks are combined by in one of the following themes: 19th Century, Age of Iron; Station Café; Car will Begin to Move; Two Capitals; From West into the East; Iron Mind and Firm Hand; Fiction Trip; Age of Speed.
  • When one of cards is finished participants check their answers at the administrator and get a stamp into their quest lists.
  • When quest list is completed and all the stamps are affixed participants get a bonus from the Museum.