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Quest game “Find the Dog!”

During this event children will take part in quest game based on popular verse by S. Marshak “The Lady was Handing Over the Luggage”.

By searching for clues and guessing ciphers children will find a name of the lost dog to undercover the place where it waits for them and, most importantly, will learn the history of railways!

In the end of event there will be games and parade of costumed heroes at the Children’s Centre. The participants will perform a memorable gift for a child celebrating his/her birthday!

The program is aimed for children aged from 7 to 11.

Terms of the event:

  • up to 10children can participate in the game;
  • two adult companions may attend a game for free;
  • Length — 90 min;
  • Cost — 5 500 roubles.

Call for pre-booking
+7 (812) 457-23-16