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Timeless Values photo exhibition in the Russian Railway Museum

The Russian Railway Museum presents the Timeless Values exhibition of works by St. Peterburg photographer Olga Demicheva.

Among other photos, viewers will see the work that achieved top 100 shots of the 5th 35 Awards international photo award in 2019 in the Fictional History nomination.

Photo artist’s works made among the unique exhibits of the Russian Railway Museum are united by the travel trough time theme. All works are connected with the theme of railway which is not only the most important transport corridor of the country but also plays huge social role.

Author thinks that it is important to show real values to modern children, to teach them to understand paintings by great artists, to learn world’s art and history.

«When children see the same age children at the photo, and these photos look like paintings, the real interest arise and it is then they begin to reflect and want to know more, they understand that world is not limited to the smartphone screen.With my works, I want to draw the attention of children to the culture, art and history of our country, to show by the example of the creation and development of the railway its special role in economic and social life”- says Olga Demicheva.

Exhibition will be opened on December 7 at 12 pm.

Exhibition will last till January, 2020.

Exhibition price: included in the Museum entrance ticket price. Thursday is a day off.