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​Favorite tours from Children’s Days in St. Petersburg event will be performed all the year round

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Children’s Days in St. Petersburg inter-museum festival that was held from October 26 to November 17 has ended.

More than 1300 route sheets were obtained by visitors of the Russian Railway Museum. They took part in a travel game 12345 I’m Going to Search. Young visitors accompanied by adults eagerly performed tasks by Lev Ponaroshku, main character of the event program.

Sideline program of the festival was also interesting. 136 schoolchildren tried the passenger car conductor profession during the Show Your Ticket excursion. They learned interesting historical facts about this profession and answered difficult questions to obtain certificate and Credibility Passport- main professional document.

Festival has ended but we have good news for those who missed the event or wants to repeat that experience. The Russian Railway Museum is planning to join the Round-the Year Festival action in 2020. During the year visitors will have an opportunity to attend tours, exhibitions and workshops prepared for festival.

During this event in the Russian Railway Museum every weekend of the next year children will have a chance to attend most popular vocational guidance tours dedicated to professions of train driver and conductor.

We also propose schools to book museum tours dedicated to history of different railway professions. More info.

This year the Russian Railway Museum took part in the main program of the festival for the first time. Thus we need your feedback in order to improve festival routes and make it more useful and exciting.

We wish to thank all who visited us during the Children’s Days in St. Petersburg-2019 festival. We hope to see you again at our Museum!