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The Russian Railway Museum has Prepared Special Program for the Night of Museums Festival

Night of Museums is an international cultural event joining most museums, galleries and exhibition places all over the world. St. Petersburg joined the event in 2006 and is the one the first Russian cities that have taking part in the worldwide festival.

On May 19, 2018 the Russian Railway Museum will take part in the event for the first time. The Metamorphosis thematic program has been developed by the staff of the contemporary railway exposition area specially for the Night of Museums event. Artists from St. Petersburg and Moscow have been invited to work on the project and to perform graphic and sound 3D installations for the viewers together with art objects and steampunk sculptures.

The Museum will be opened from 6 pm on May 19 to 6 am on May 20. During this period different entertaining and educational events for all ages will be realized.

Since opening to 9pm children with parents may attend workshops in the Children’s Centre. Young visitors will take part in contests with thematic quests and memorable prizes. The jazz band will be playing at the entrance zone till the midnight.

Some of the existing railway exhibits will reveal new sides to the visitors, for example III and IV class cars will present Metamorphosis in sound and Metamorphosis in cinema respectively together with materials on the future of the railway transport. Famous Red Arrow express train car will be transformed to art object and will tell the stories on famous actors and musicians trips.

We invite citizens and guests of St. Petersburg to make their Night of Museums both entertaining and exploring by visiting the Russian Railway Museum.