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​The Russian Railway Museum will present railway rolling stock of the Great Patriotic War period

The Russian Railway Museum is going to publish an edition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War during the Year of memory and glory. The project materials will be also presented as online exhibition at the Museum’s website to the Victory Day.

The Museum has examples of the rolling stock operated during the Great Patriotic War at the Victory Railway, in the military hospital trains, in transportation of different military cargoes as well as trophies evidencing heroism of our warriors and home front workers. The latter were obtained both by reparations and by acquisition of territories and liberation of settlements. They were transferred to the rear area for economy restoration, transported cargoes for the front and, after the war, they were long used in the developing transportation system.

The edition will present unique museum exhibits, such as railway artillery mount, freight steam locomotive (legendary “sheep”), covered wagons, armored railcars and trophy rolling stock units from Germany together with that transferred to the USSR within the land lease program. The new museum’s leaflet will allow to see this exhibits at the photos and lean their main technical characteristics, year and place of their production as well as other interesting facts.

The edition is dedicated not only to the rolling stock but also to railwaymen who made their contribution to the forthcoming Victory. Steel trunks workers’ memoirs will help its readers to feel thankfulness to those who gave all their powers and, often, lives for their Motherland.

The Russian Railway Museum deeply respects the memory of millions of people and their labors by preserving carefully artifacts connected with that heroic period.