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​The Russian Railway Museum Invites you to a Tsarskoye Selo Railway Guided Tour-Lecture

The presentation of the new guided tour-lecture will be held on November 11, 2019, on the anniversary of the opening of the first public railway in our country.

Visitors will find out what the project of the first railway originally was, how much money was allocated from the treasury and invested by shareholders, which section was the most difficult to lay tracks, how often the first trains ran, find out the “names” of the first steam locomotives and what railway station and concert hall have in common, as well as other historical facts about the Tsarskoye Selo Railway

The museum exhibits a unique interactive mockup of the Tsarskoye Selo Railway with which the history of Russian railway transport began in 1837.

The first railway was but 27 km long and connected the capital with the imperial residences in Tsarskoye Selo. Successfully completed construction was the starting point for the development of the domestic economy and culture, allowed to evaluate the benefits of rail travel and aroused public interest in a new type of communication. It was from the Tsarskoye Selo Railway that the development of the huge railway network of Russia began.

We invite everyone to visit a new tour!

The duration of the event is 1 hour. Date: November 11. Start at 4 pm.