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The Russian railway museum will host V International railway museums conference in 2021

St. Petersburg will host next International RAILCONF conference of railway museums in 2021 told Director of the Russian Railway Museum Vladimir Odintsov during the celebration of second anniversary of the Museum opening.

Several of the largest railway museums from various countries competed for the right to host the fifth anniversary conference. The first RAILCONF conference was held in 2013 in Japan. Also, conferences were held in Baltimore (USA), Nuremberg (Germany) and Sydney (Australia).

The discussion topics at industry meetings of the leaders of the largest railway museums in the world which take place every two years are issues of preservation, restoration, selection of exhibits, the development of museums as new historical and cultural spaces, public-private partnerships, the development of multimedia and interactive capabilities of museums etc. This year RAILCONF was attended by rail museums from Australia, Taiwan, Russia and Sweden.

“The main exhibition of the Museum finally took shape this year. Today, the Russian Railway Museum meets all high international standards. This year, the Museum had become one of the nominees for the European Museum of the Year 2019 award and was awarded a diploma in the nomination for special achievements as a museum focused on visitors. At a conference in Sydney there had been many talks about the need to develop new technologies. From the point of view of interactivity our museum is without a doubt one of the world leaders among technical museums”, Mr. Odintsov noted.