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The Russian Railway Museum Welcomed Its 150-Thousandth Visitor in 2018.

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Largest multi-functional railway museum complex in the country opened on October 30, 2017 in honor of 180 th Anniversary of Russian Railways still gathers high attention of residents and guests of St. Petersburg. Since opening of the Museum its staff performed more than 1300 excursions for wide range of visitors including children from orphanages and boarding schools, city colleges and universities students. 

The Museum complex is continuing to develop; its space is being constantly upgraded and filled with new exhibits and multimedia systems.

On August, 29 Museum welcomed its 150-thousandth visitor since the beginning of 2018. It was a pleasant surprise for multi-child family of Ilya Stepantsev, who arrived with his wife Marina from Moscow to get acquainted with St. Petersburg and its highlights. There was individual tour for little Dmitry, Danila and Fyodor. The family received souvenirs and gifts in memory of the event.