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The Russian Railway Museum Took Part in the Museums for Children event in the Summer Garden

/ 7

The Russian Railway Museum participated in the city event Museums for Children for the second time. The event was performed in the Summer Garden of the State Russian Museum.

Guests in the Summer Garden took part in various workshops, interactive children’s programs, contests, games and prize drawings. This year 25coty museums took part in the event.

The Summer Garden become a unified space for meeting of children of different ages with history and culture of their native city, basics of art and artistic education, literature and wonders of science and technology.

There was movement near the Russian Railway Museum pavilion through the whole day. Children with adults made colorful festive steam locomotives with flags. Most curious ones played the Safety on Railways memory table game and learned interesting facts about the Museum exhibits. Children’s teams deepened into the history of the first domestic steam locomotives and cars by participating in the Make Up a Train game.

Guests of the event received the consultation on Museum programs for children and adults as well as events organized by the Russian Railway Museum.