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The Russian Railway Museum Took Part in the St.-Petersburg-Vietnam Touristic Forum

/ 6

On October 21 the Russian Railway Museum took part in the St.-Petersburg-Vietnam touristic forum by invitation of St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development at the Nevsky Town Hall administration and business centre.

Forum participants were largest Vietnamese tour operators and delegation from Thanh Hóa province of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The Museum abilities as a new St. Petersburg ambitious cultural project provoked great interest of Vietnamese touristic companies that indicated their interest in cooperation development.

The St.-Petersburg-Vietnam touristic forum was organized by Congress and Exhibition bureau of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development and supported by the city Committee for External Relations.

2019 is the Year of the Russian Federation in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Year of Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Russian Federation, performed in order to develop bilateral relations. One of the main goals of the Russian-Vietnamese cooperation is popularization of Russia as a tourist destination for Vietnam people.