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The Russian Railway Museum will be one of the premises for the Modern Art in a Traditional Museum Festival

During the festival modern Russian and foreign artists  will have an opportunity to realize their projects  in large and small museums of St. Petersburg. 

During the whole month since September 28 to November 3, traditional museums will become places  to demonstrate contemporary art. More than 70 museums of  St. Petersburg and more than 200 artistic projects  from 14 countries of the world.  

This time  exhibition projects are united by a common theme of “analog signals”. Six city museums will take part in the festival  with projects correlated  with their  exhibitions  and put into a museum  space. 

Besides the Russian Railway Museum, the Arctic and Antarctic Museum, the Museum of the History of Religion, the Museum of Hygiene, the Memorial Apartment of L.N. Gumilev and the  Museum of Printing. During the festival there will be  art mediations in the participating museums.  Also the program will be added with lectures on modern art  and performances. 

All museums and events  during the festival may be visited  with single ticket. It’s price is 400 rubles. Children up to 7 years old may use one single ticket with their parent. The single ticket may be purchased  in any of the participating museums.

More info on festival, participating museums and ticket selling places  you may learn at the event official website: http://www.proartfestival.ru.