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Baltia Project magazine presentation at the Russian Railway Museum: discussion on the Smart City

On December 23 at 7 pm presentation of the Project Baltia magazine issue will be held at the Russian Railway Museum. The issue is dedicated to the smart city.

The meeting will be attended by architecture theorist Evgeny Lobanov, architects Ilya Grigopriev (Studio 44) and Ilya Filimonov (INTERCOLUMNIUM), Ekaterina Manzhula and Igor Khodachek (RANEPA), and Project Baltia editor-in-chief Vladimir Frolov.

By continuing magazine’s “urban” issues editors tried to answer the questions: what is a historical basis of the smart city, has it any “architectural image” and special design methodology and can the smart city concept solve the problem of local and global?

Presentation participants will discuss borders of the smart city both in geographical and conceptual dimensions. Special attention will be paid to the Arctic theme as a territory where smart city faces peculiarities of an extreme climate and social contingent. Results of the study of Russian initiatives on the smart cities creation will be performed as a part of SMARTNORTH project.

Project Baltia magazine is an industry-specific periodical on architecture, urbanism and design in the North-West of Russia, Finland and the Baltic states.

Event program

7 pm Welcome reception

7:15 pm Evgeny Lobanov. Smart City: Between Utopia and Dystopia

7:40 pm Ilya Grigopriev. Old Tracks. New Points. Rails, Trains and St. Petersburg Industrial Ring

8:10 pm Discussion with participation of Ekaterina Manzhula, Igor Khodachek and Vladimir Frolov

8:30 pm Networking

Attention: pre-registration needed. Coordination: Polina Mezhevich, +7-981-718-66-12, polin@projectbaltia.com