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The Museum Hosted a Career Day of St. Petersburg State University of Economics

/ 6

On April 3, 2018 the Russian Railway Museum welcomed students and pupils, interested in vacancies in the field of service, tourism and hospitality.

Among the participants of business program there were managers and HR-specialists from touristic industry, event industry, transport and service companies, museums, restaurants and hotels together with representatives of government agencies and large corporations.

Professional speakers with specialists from St. Petersburg State University of Economics service, tourism and hospitality faculty arranged the career guidance quest for pupils, communication training for students, panel discussion and centre of contacts with employers.

Employers discussed demand in young specialists at the labour market with students from St. Petersburg universities and technical and high schools and pictured an ideal portrait of a young specialist.

Special atmosphere of the event created by interiors of the Russian Railway Museum impacted positively business sentiment of Career Day organizers and participants.