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Students of St. Petersburg Technical Schools were Congratulated with the Knowledge Day in the Russian Railway Museum

/ 9

The Russian Railway Museum hosted an Initiation to the Working Class event on September 2. Representatives of the October railway, JXC RZD structural divisions and Veterans Council greeted students and wished them success in their studies.

First was the solemn assembly for those who came to study in the Electromechanical school named after A. Sukhanov. Director of the school Mark Agre congratulated participants of the assembly with joining the ranks of students.

Museum director Vladimir Odintsov noted in his welcoming speech a historical importance of professions studied in the school as well as necessity of preservation and transfer of best practices in the railway work.

Second was the solemn assembly for first-year students of the St. Petersburg railway technical school. Fourth-year students passed them a symbolic student’s grade book.

Chairman of the Veterans Council Pavel Markov noted that it was always an uneasy task to get a railway profession and students have to both acquire precise knowledge in theory and make great efforts in practical studies.

Students, in their turn, congratulated honorable managers, guests and teachers with the special day and promised to study excellently.

After the assembly students were invited to the guided tour over the Museum exhibition. They also watched the movies about railways and participated in a “Do You Know Your Future Profession?” quiz.