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Watch the video - excursions

The Russian Railways Museum has developed and recorded a series of video tours that everyone can visit without leaving their home.

Things to do

Strict clothes cut: from revolution to Victory Day

We will trace the history of how the life of society and the various social processes influenced the development and change of uniforms of railway workers.

Water rail journeys

The railways can not exist without water. We will talk about aspects of this interaction.

From the stagecoach to the mail car

We will trace the history of the appearance of postal delivery on the railway, and will visit the interior of an old postal carriage.

Life-long panorama. Transsib P.Ya. Pyasetskogo

About the triumph that Pavel Yakovlevich Pyasetskiy got at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

Wheel, steam and speed

About the very first steam locomotives, the meaning of the word “locomotive” and the first records of speed on the railway.

The Silk Road of the steel highway: the history of the CER

About the history of the Chinese Eastern Railway, which was part of the Great Siberian Railway. You will find out what was the length, infrastructure and price of the steel "silk" track and you will see the legendary saloon car inside.

Rail turntable

About the use of the turntables on the railway.

Reforms of the railway fashion: from classicism to the art nouveau era

About how railway fashion changed in the second half of the XIX century, and what was the standards of it in the "art nouveau era".

Ministry of Railways and Minister Khilkov M.I.

About the ministers of railways who was the leaders in the development of the first railways in Russia.

From the railcar of Nicholas I to the museum exhibit

About whether there is a car of the Russian emperor in the collection of the Museum of Railways of Russia.

Railway suit. Peak time fashion

About how the fashion, customs and traditions of the time influenced the appearance of railway uniforms from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

The first Railway - Tsarskoselskaya

About the technical characteristics of the first railway in Russia, which which was different from others railroads, that was under construction at that time in Europe.

Steam engine. The birth of the steampunk era

About the first prototypes and inventors of the steam engine - from Heron of Alexandria in the I century AD. to James Watt and the Russian inventor Ivan Polzunov lived in the 18th century.

History of rails. How the railway appeared

We tell about how the first prototype of a railroad and a railway appeared.

"Soft" locomotive and Tank

We present the first and most ancient full-scale exhibits of the Russian Railways Museum, as well as a model of the building of the Peterhof Railway Depot.

History of the Baltic (Peterhof) railway depot

About the history of the construction of the Russian Railway Museum and the formation of a unique collection of railway equipment.

Informative videos are based on the museum’s sightseeing and tell about a variety of exhibits - from the oldest steam locomotives to interactive models and, of course, the history of the development of railways.