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The Dining Car café

The museum operates a café. The café is open in the museum working hours.

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The Dining Car café

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Travel and food are inextricably connected. A journey without the delight of an aromatic cup of coffee, a crispy warm crust of a baguette, soft cheese, hot broth or restorative tea with colorful pastries is impossible to imagine.

What is a visit to a museum? It is a journey. A journey to the past, with historical collisions and fascinating stories that come to life just before us. These are impressions, knowledge and enthusiasm that you want to share with your travel companions. And best thing is when the atmosphere of a journey is not disturbed, when harmony is perfect and a dream turns into reality. And reality is a café in the Russian Railway Museum transformed by designer’s power of thought into the most famous moving café – fantasy and very modern dining car of the Orient Express.

Why we chose the Orient Express? Because this train is a legendary example of service and comfort and its restaurant is an iconic combination of best food, company and impressions.

Our Dining Car welcomes all museum visitors to rest and dine before their return to the world of trains where history, past and present in a combination demonstrate us a new reality, that can be tasted.

Welcome to the Dining Car of the Russian Railway Museum and bon appétit!
Also you can (and should) deliciously celebrate children's and adult's birthdays as well as any other celebration.

For more info please call: +7 (931) 306-37-61 

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