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Children’s Centre

Children’s Centre of the Russian Railway Museum is a unique space. Every kid will find something interesting here.

Things to do

Children’s Centre services

✓ exciting quests

✓ creative workshops

✓ festive events

Children will learn the history of both railway development and the whole country through interactive guided tours and game lessons.

Children’s Centre options for children

✓ professional teachers

✓ modern play zone for creative work

✓ team-based games and study 

Children will learn different aspects of railway operation in a form of a game, learn about railway professions and make memorable souvenirs under supervision of experienced teachers.

Learning programs allow to determine and present new links between museum items through exhibitions, lectures and lessons. Programs content helps to ruin walls between disciplines which is not happens within the frameworks of the school curriculum. Such approach is extremely relevant for today as it requires new type of thinking based on the ability to understand the world in the integrity of all its spheres and the scientific disciplines describing it.

Here you can:

• attend lessons with play

• attend vocational-oriented lessons

• celebrate your birthday

• celebrate a school class party